February 20, 2011

Sky Diver Classic

Sky Diver Classic is a renewed version of the classic Sky Diver for Atari, with new interesting features. It has a classic 8-bit graphic style. The player can dive through 45 challenging levels, divided into 9 worlds.

It is a very simple game, easy to play but challenging. It has been a great success in Windows Phone, with more than 100,000 downloads. It reached the Top 5 Action & adventure games, with a 9.3 score by the users.

Game Info

Title: Sky Diver Classic
Genre: Action / Arcade
Platforms: Windows Phone 7 / iPhone / iPad
Release date: January, 2011 / August, 2011
Links: Official Webpage / Windows Marketplace / App Store

Sky Diver was developed using XNA framework for Windows Phone 7. For the iOS version, the game was developed from zero with Xcode by Enrique Alcor.


WP7 ScreenShots:

Video Teaser:


Concept and general gameplay design.

Level design, editing and balancing.

Designed and implemented menus, user interface and general application flow.

Visual style and art style definition, as well as pixel art of sprites, animations, and tiles. Art and editing for particle effects.

Gameplay programming in C# and XNA. Also implementing and maintaining of tools such as 2D Particle system editor in C#, .NET.