September 3, 2013

Escape Sequence

No trial and error allowed. Evacuate. Now.

Escape Sequence is an FPS game made in a week for the 7DFPS game jam, that features a different kind of puzzle game where trial and error is not the best course of action. Among hundreds of games made during the 2013 edition, Escape Sequence is one of the most popular.

The goal is to reach the exit of each module of the station before it collapses. You must study the evacuation plan and remember the route to make it in time.

Game Info

- Title: Escape Sequence
- Genre: FPS / Action
- Platforms: PC, Web
- Release date: August, 2013
- Website:



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 - Let's Play Escape Sequence by Shadefyre343:

Why this game?

Most games force "Trial and Error" behaviors in players. You can get through almost every game just by trying until something works. Even most puzzle games do that! Dying and respawning is basically trial and error.

My aim for the 7DFPS was to make a game where "Trial and Error" is no longer valid. Where if you rush to try to get through the game, you would find you can’t get to the end, no matter the number of tries. But maintaining some kind of challenge.

I've tried to remove every random, hidden and skill challenging mechanics, unfortunately I had to remove shootings too. Now you can get through the game or don’t. But don’t try.

In fact there is still some Trial and Error I couldn't remove, this is a game for God’s sake! :P


Escape sequence was developed with Unity3D engine, using C# as script language. I used 3D Studio Max and Photoshop to model and texture the corridors. The props are taken and modified from the Unity demo game "Angry Bots".