About me

Full Name: Enrique Hervás Caballero
Birth Date: 1984 July 14th
Location: Sliema, Malta
Email: ehervasca@gmail.com
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I was born in Madrid, in 1984. I fell in love with video games when my father bought the first computer I can remember (an Atari ST) and I played my first computer game: Arkanoid. At that time my hands weren't big enough to cover the mouse, but it didn't took me too much time until I started to learn programming wishing to make games like the ones I played.

At school I made my very first games, using Visual Basic, and I decided to study a technical career. I chose Telecommunications Engineering, and while I was studying there I started to learn DirectShow and DirectX programming in my spare time.

When I was finishing my dissertation on Large Volume Databases, I knew about the Master's Degree in Video Game Development, and I decided to register in it. I learnt a lot about video game design and programming, recovering all the passion I had forgotten studying engineering.

After the Master's Degree, I worked one year at the university where I had studied as technical specialist in a research group (ByO), while I was designing and developing smartphone games with some friends in my spare time. It was in January, 2011, when we published our first commercial title: Blaaps! for Windows Phone 7. Since then, other 4 games have released been under the Join2 Games brand, and we reached 500,000 downloads along all our phone games.

I'm also a Game Jam enthusiast, and since 2010 I have participated several years in the Global Game Jam at Madrid, where I've been awarded "Best Game" on three different editions. I even made a game for the 7DFPS 2013 challenge!

I worked as Gameplay Programmer at Casual Brothers for more than a year, working on the title Orc Attack, developed for digital distribution on PlayStation3, Xbox360, and Steam.

From February 2014 to October 2015 I worked as a programmer for Exient, first at Oxford and then at Malta, being part of the largest smartphone franchise: Angry Birds! There I was also finally able to switch to a Game Designer position.

You can also find me on the online magazine indie-o-rama, where I'm a frequent collaborator writing articles on game development and sharing my experiences.

Feel free to contact me by e-mail or using one of the social buttons on the upper bar.

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